Over Past 3yrs
Crime has been lowered by18%Through efficiencies, change management and effective
enforcement, crime rates continue to drop: 3.7% (2012), 4.8% (2013), 9.5% (2014). STEP Up works!

​STEP Up Plan
In action & successful!123+ 123+ Initiatives and goals planned, enacted and met in the past 3 years! Sheriff Chapman’s positive changes have improved enforcement, professionalism and outreach

Achievements – 2014, 2013, 2012

The following list of achievements for each year since Sheriff Chapman was elected is nearly triple that of prior leadership in any given year. Mike’s comprehensive STEP Up plan was placed in action on day one focusing on Service, Technology, Efficiency and Professionalism and as any organization or agency in need of help, change management was in order.  The results, however, are indisputable.

With the trust you gave me in 2011, over the past 3 years we have implemented over 123 effective initiatives, including inspiring team and individual efforts resulting in wide-spread local, state and national recognition, with extremely successful results.  Also, we have been a major leader in Northern VA on Crisis Intervention and dealing with the growing mental health problem.

LCSO has been identified as a leader in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) nationwide as we communicate regularly with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Loudoun Mental Health, Friends of Loudoun Mental Health, etc. This has been a staple of our success over the past three years.
– Sheriff Mike Chapman

Major Achievements for 2014:

Expanded Annual Child Safety Day attracting over 2000 visitors, the largest attendance ever.
Initiated the “No Texting and Driving” Campaign with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) and Monroe Tech to address dangers of texting while driving.
Working closely with LCPS, expanded the Internet Safety Program to include presentations to middle and high school students.
Utilized the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in specialty assignments – adjusted schedules to provide coverage without incurring overtime.  In other words, we don’t need an “all hands on deck” for all incidents forcing overtime overruns.
Continued Online Crime Reporting which now average 150 reports per month.  This process, so far, will reach a projected annual savings of $175,000.
Through efficiencies and effective enforcement, have continued to reduce part 1 and part 2 crimes by 6% and 17% respectively.
Fully implemented Master Deputy Program by employee interview and performance requirements.  This program limits the amount of master deputies within the LCSO and ensures that only our best deputies are promoted.  It also provides flexibility in adjusting all field assignments as all division are now under the same promotional and pay structure.
Ensured that all court security personnel received active shooter training and weapon availability upgrades.
Initiated & Assisted in Prevention Campaign for “Move It, Move It Over” with Fire & Rescue
Initiated publicized awareness for “Back to School” Campaign & Public Service Announcement.
Developed Money Card Scam outreach initiative to include dissemination of informational flyers and Public Safety Messages.
Worked with County DIT to transition from Cooper Alerting to Everbridge System for LCSO
Established/Improved working relationship with VSP in regards to a quicker response to vehicle accidents. Provided VSP with LCSO portable radios to enhance/improve communications ultimately resulting in citizens having a quicker response.
Restructured the Duty Officer position to improve/enhance communication between members of Command Staff (specifically Station Commanders) and front line personnel.
Establishment of a runaway database which allows us to better track repeat offenders.
Added capability for Computer-Assisted Design crime scene diagramming by procuring state-of-the-art software to depict crime scenes.
Added enhanced Facial Recognition capability with software upgrade in partnership with Novaris.
Added additional Computer Forensic Examiner position to enhance the ability to do forensic examinations of electronic digital devices.
Enhanced the capability to address commercial computer intrusions in partnership with the FBI Cyber Crime Section at WFO; contributed examples to the FBI’s Malware Investigator database.
Deployed 30 additional Mobile AFIS units to patrol, CID, and OSD (32 total) to enhance the capability to identify persons with no, or questionable, identification documents (through partnership with Novaris).

2014 Recognitions:

While any effort by the LCSO or it’s staff is ultimately a reflection on the professionalism of the LCSO, we want to recognize that many are both team and/or individual efforts.

Received the Governor’s Transportation Safety Youth Traffic Safety Award in partnership with LCPS in response to the updated Virginia law making texting-while-driving a primary offense.
LCSO Adult Detention Center received 100% compliance from the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Corrections for Minimum Standards for Jails and Lockups.
LCSO was awarded Deputy of the Year by Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) for his efforts in educating parents about teen safety on the internet.
LCSO received the National Association of Police Organizations Top Cops Award Honorable Mention for his Internet Safety initiative What Parents Need to Know (the only Virginia law enforcement professional recognized).
LCSO was awarded the VSA Crisis Intervention Deputy of the Year.
LCSO was recognized by Friends of Loudoun Mental Health, NAMI CIT Deputy of the Year for Crisis Intervention Efforts.
LCSP was selected as the awardee at the Virginia Alcohol & Safety Action Program and MADD 23rd Annual Awards for Excellence in Community Service and Public Safety.
LCSO received the Bentowski/Eanes D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year Award from the Virginia D.A.R.E. Officers Association.
The Sheriff continues to serve on the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association Legislative Committee, and the National Sheriffs’ Association Congressional Committee.
Sheriff Chapman’s article “Crisis Intervention Training in Loudoun County” was featured in International Association of Chiefs of Police magazine Police Chief.
Sheriff Chapman was featured on 20/20 episode relating to teen drinking.

Major Achievements for 2013:

Received Motorola’s prestigious International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Finalist Award for our County-wide Internet Safety Program entitled Internet Safety:What Parents Need to Know.
Awarded Silver and Bronze Certificates by the Virginia Values Veterans Initiated by hiring 12 veterans in 2013 {pledged 7 and hire 12!).
Secured $34,000 from State Asset Forfeiture Funds for Crisis Intervention Team {CIT) Training and have completed three CIT sessions this past year.
Organized and successfully completed a full scale Active Shooter exercise with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), Fire and Rescue, local jurisdictions, Virginia State Police and other agencies.
Restructured our recruiting process to hire best qualified candidates – several with bachelors and master degrees, or having military backgrounds.
Revised Annual Child Safety Day which attracted over 1000 visitors, the largest attendance ever.
Initiated the “No Texting and Driving” Campaign with LCPS and Monroe Tech to address dangers of texting while driving.
Expanded the Internet Safety Program by partnering with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to include presentations about the risks of synthetic and pharmaceutical drugs.
Engaged with the Towing Advisory Board to help impose reliability in service and fairness among competitor tow operators within the County.
Utilized the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in specialty assignments – adjusted schedules to provide coverage without incurring overtime.
Introduced Online Crime Reporting which now average 144 reports per month. This process,so far, has resulted in a savings of $126,000.
Through efficiencies and effective enforcement, have helped reduce part 1 and part 2 crimes by 15% and 14% respectively.
Enhanced involvement with the DEA Task Force which has produced a steady increase of asset forfeiture funds’ disbursement.
Restructured our Criminal Investigative Section to improve efficiency, replace redundancy and focus efforts on changing crime trends.
Created a fully functional and highly trained 10 man Corrections Emergency Response Team that enhances security at the ADC, Courts, and Courts Complex during responses to emergencies. This also provides improved capabilities for professionally and safely managing high risk transports of inmates.
Created a Corrections K-9 Program, the only one in a jail setting in the entire State of Virginia.
Held a comprehensive Inmate Service/Job Fair event at the ADC as part of our new re-entry initiative.
Ensured that all court security personnel received active shooter training and weapon availability upgrades.
Transformed LCSO Website to be available in multiple languages.
Streamlined the Concealed Handgun Process with the Clerk of the Court to improve service.
LCSO was awarded accreditation through Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC).
Sheriff Chapman was appointed to the Vice President’s Committee on Immigration Reform, the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association Legislative Committee, the National Sheriffs’ Association Congressional Committee, and the Governor’s Virginia Mental Health Task Force for School and Campus Safety.
LCSO Received the National Sheriffs’ Association Corrections/Jail Innovation of the Year Award for eliminating unnecessary projects that delayed the opening of Phase II of the ADC, and for initiating a number of other successful projects.
LCSO received the 2013 American Jail Association Supervisor of the Year Award.
LCSO achieved Certified Jail Manager status through the America Jail Association, currently only 8 in Virginia.
LCSO received the Virginia State DARE Supervisor of the Year Award.

Have also improved professionalism by encouraging higher education among leadership staff. Below are examples:

Sheriff Mike Chapman graduated from the FBI National Executive Institute program, an intensive training program for chief executive officers. Only 500 executives have graduated since 1976.
Captain Greg Brown graduated from the University of Louisville Southern Police lnstitute’s 13 week administrative officer’s certification course.
Captain Mark Poland and Captain Gary Gaither graduated from the International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership in Police Organization 3 week course.
Lt. Christopher Hines and Lt. Russ Wall graduated from the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation Professional Leadership School, a 3 week leadership education program in conjunction with the University of Richmond.

Major Achievements for 2012:


Helped secure approval of Western Loudoun Station–will greatly increase deputy availability.
Scheduled training to expand D.A.R.E. into Middle Schools beginning next year.
Initiated a dedicated SWAT Team, known as the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), for emergency call-outs & to assist busy patrol shifts. (FY-13)
Intensive cold-case reviews.
Decentralized Community Resource Unit–to serve area stations better.
Decentralized Adult Crime Prevention Unit–to serve area stations better. (April)
Arranged Officer Safety Symposium, attended by all County Law Enforcement agencies.
Invited FBI Domestic Terrorism Unit to monthly Criminal Investigations Division meetings.
Established forensic training program with FBI in support of Crime Scene Unit.
Helped secure a School Resource Officer at John Champe High School.
Introduced First Annual Child Victim Awareness Day with child safety displays from various organizations, including FBI. This year’s event included press conference focused on 2002 unsolved homicide of 14-year-old Ashburn girl.
Increased awareness through media outreach and fundraising of Project Lifesaver, an electronic tracking system used for those with conditions- such as Alzheimer’s and Autism- that have a tendency to wander. Participated in broadcast with radio to highlight importance of program.
Implemented extensive Internet Safety course for parents, school faculty and students.
Joined with local health and human services agencies and Leesburg Police Department to hold first ever law enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training in Loudoun County.
Partnered with VA DMV to bring DMV 2 Go mobile customer service center to LCSO stations.
Worked with Loudoun Crime Solvers & Harris Teeter to establish one of the largest rewards ever offered in robbery case.
Joined with local television station to promote “Drive to Stay Alive” program to high school students.
Joint appearance with Loudoun Disability Services Board on local government access show to highlight Project Lifesaver Program.
Joint video Public Service Announcement with Commonwealth’s Attorney to advise resident of burglary prevention tips.
Video Public Service Announcement on Back-to-School Safety campaign.


Used social media in communications & increased followers, began tracking for measurement.
Increased Facebook followers by 1,000 likes in less than 12-month time period.
Continue to have one of largest law-enforcement followed Facebook pages in DC Region.
Developed media matrix to track effectiveness of communication outreach through traditional media formats and new communications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and website.
Creating request for proposal for new Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management System.
Implemented training for Narcotics Unit regarding real-time connectivity among other agencies.
Secured approval of additional Forensic Computer Specialist to further enhance investigations.
Secured Crime & Financial Analyst position.
Developed liaison with El Paso Intelligence Center for instantaneous intelligence data sharing.
Developed innovative agency website to further improve outreach and communication; including ability to report crime online.
Developed and implemented district-based daily crime reports for County Board of Supervisors.


Saved taxpayers $15,078 with multiple swearing-in ceremonies for personnel during their shifts.
Opening Phase II of the Adult Detention Center (ADC) four-months ahead of schedule.
Returned inmates housed outside of Loudoun to the ADC earlier than projected, saving $16,000.
Saved nearly $40,000 in local funds using inmate workforce to install double bunking at ADC.
Achieved success in obtaining approval of night shift differential for LCSO Deputies & civilians.
Installed Video Visitation Equipment in Phase I, maintained continuity of service at the ADC.
Trained two ADC deputies to be inspection-certified Fire Marshals to perform fire inspections.
Introduced savings to taxpayers by preparing some foods at ADC instead of purchasing items.
Successful in obtaining approval of full-time cook at Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.
Saved a projected $59,463 with Patrol work schedule changing to 4 squads instead of 6. (FY-13)
Developed program to reduce hold-over time 70% with more efficient patrol schedules. (FY-13)
Removed flex-scheduling for court.
Will train full-time SWAT team during normal work hours in order to reduce overtime. (FY-13)
Removed Emergency Vehicle Operations Team on-call pay by outsourcing with private contract.
Audited monetary accounts in Special Investigations Section by VA State Police.
Ensured design for Administrative Offices & Dispatch Center stayed on schedule.
All above modernizations will result in a projected savings to taxpayers of $467,855.
Expanded Inmate Work Force Unit, increasing amount of work on state, county, and town property, saving county taxpayer money.


With the Depart of Criminal Justice (DCJS) and the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA), developed first-ever Virginia state certified executive leadership program–putting us on par with major city chiefs throughout the U.S.
Further developed Loudoun Sheriff’s Office communication and partnership with Federal & local agencies. In the past, this was not possible as local staff did not have the necessary security clearance to receive/exchange key investigatory information. As an example, during the 9/11 situation, under Simpson, Loudoun was used by terrorists. Loudoun could only receive information and where neither in the loop or actively involved with federal efforts.
Established LCSO Speaker’s Bureau to work with area colleges & conduct community outreach.
Modified LCSO Applicant section which expanded recruiting efforts through colleges & US military.
Created Standard Operating Procedures regarding Clandestine Lab Seizures.
Developing program of consistent leadership for all sworn supervisors.
Recognized by VA Governor and Loudoun Supervisors for tireless efforts after Derecho.
Implemented LCSO Adult Detention Center Operations Team trained by US C-SOG personnel.
Started enrolling leadership staff in Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation Professional Leadership School.
Developed first of several pilot programs with local high schools to introduce students to law enforcement.

Sheriff Mike Chapman and CEO James Montfort

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